Camila Almeida ©


Dance theatre performance

A theatrical dance and spoken word performance with a focus on artistically integrated accessibility for the blind and visually impaired. The performance is created within the framework of Max Greyson's research project at the Royal Antwerp Conservatoire.

Meyer Originals ©


Accessible arts

ARType vzw believes in the importance of talent development and aims to provide a range of workshops and masterclasses for young, semi-professional artists. The masterclasses focus on different aspects of the performing arts and accessibility.

Wide Vercnocke ©


Theatre collective

De Voyeurs, the collective of Max Greyson, Carmien Michels, Wide Vercnocke, Jolien Deley and Tim Coenen, produced two musical theater performances; BARTóK and Voyeurs in BXL and toured Flanders and Brussels with them.


Music theatre performance

As a partner of Silence Radio, ARType vzw is collaborating on a contemporary reworking of the opera "The Mute of Portici. It will premiere in November 2023. It is an inclusive performance, working with professional deaf and non-deaf performers, for deaf and non-deaf audiences.

Stijn VB ©


Jazz & Spoken word

Alias "No Ordinary Orchestra" - was formed in 2018. Three jazz musicians, three classical musicians and a poet together bring new compositions and lyrics to life.

Melanie Mrakovcic ©


Development project

The aim of this collaboration with the Flemish Literary Fund was to encourage schools, libraries, reading clubs, cultural and community centers, arts organizations and arts education and social-artistic organizations to book slam poets.


Inclusive and accessible arts

ARType vzw has a close collaboration with Un-Label Performing Arts Company from Cologne. They have already created and produced many performances, the latest of which Gravity (and other attractions) is still on tour throughout Europe. They also give masterclasses on artistic accessibility.


Chanson & Spoken word

Two friends who have been pollinating each other creatively for years. Mathieu Engels a chansonnier without scruples and Max Greyson a thoroughbred stage poet. They form the occasional duo Ni Tjeu ni Maître.

Melanie Mrakovcic ©